Our Mission
"Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached"

The Vision is not just to pack the children with information and knowledge but also to inculcate all round development of physical, mental, moral and spiritual (inculcation of humanism) with debates, music, physical and social-cultural development.
Our mission is to produce useful citizen for the self,society and mankind to enable child lead an active and efficient life to enable a child’s confidence in taking life as a journey and not as a challenge to enable a child in all round development in a nutshell our mission is to provide a coherent picture of the universe and an integrated way to life and also to provide a uniform environment to all the students through they are coming from different socital and economic background.
Our Vision
We at DPI strongly believe that education is not something that is fed into the mind of pupil by the teacher; it is a process of interactions between students and their development. Learning results from such interactions and stimulus response sequences. It is , Therefore, imperative to create a suitable ambience where learning takes place or happens automatically. A suitable educational ambience consists of adequate infrastructure, peaceful natural surroundings, competent and well-accomplished staff and thoughtfully devised and planned educational programme conductive to and designed to contribute to a harmonious growth and development of the child’s personality.
Different from Others
(Beside Mother Teresa Orphanage)
2C, Bidhaan Nagaar, Durgapur-12

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